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Past Events

February-April 2019
Modifying Waste into Art - iamgurgaon’s Samaadhaan Hub
iamgurgaon’s Samaadhaan Hub in Sector 43 serves as a central location for workshops, events, and activities focused on waste reduction and segregation. One of the key elements of the Hub’s work is inviting artists to create masterpieces out of waste materials. Corporate organisations, such as Boston Scientific, have played a key role in supporting the Hub by providing materials and volunteering their time. For example, Boston Scientific helped set up the Hub, provided waste materials for the artists, and gave out 500 reusable canvas bags to discourage the use of disposable plastic bags. Other companies, such as Indigo, Canon, CRISIL, and PWC, have also sent volunteers to participate in activities at the Hub, such as “plogging” (picking up waste while jogging) and waste segregation workshops. Thanks to the efforts of iamgurgaon and partners, more and more companies and individuals are becoming aware of the need to be responsible towards the environment. However, there is still a long way to go.
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May-June 2019
Sustainability for Gurgaon - iamgurgaon’s Workshops for a Greener Future
As the effects of climate change continue to be felt, it is more important than ever to take action to reduce the impact of human existence on earth. iamgurgaon is working to raise awareness about the high levels of pollution in Gurgaon’s air, soil, and water, and is actively promoting sustainable living through a series of workshops. The workshops offered by iamgurgaon include - - Leaf Mulching - This workshop teaches participants how to manage pre-summer horticulture waste, enrich the soil, and stop leaf burning to lower air pollution. This workshop is open to both community members and home-level volunteers. - Know Your Waste - With the large amount of waste generated daily, it is essential to know how to identify, throw, and recycle waste. This workshop focuses on demonstrating how to manage different categories of waste, with a special emphasis on e-waste, the most hazardous category of waste. - Composting - Nearly 60% of the waste generated is organic/wet waste, which can be converted into compost to enrich the soil. This workshop teaches how to make compost using low-cost models, both at the level of the community and home. iamgurgaon also provides DIY kits to make composting easy. - Making Bio-Enzymes - To combat the accelerating rate of chemical and plastic contamination, bio-enzymes can be used as a wonder chemical to help get rid of chemicals and micro-plastics in our water. This workshop explains how easy it is to make bio-enzymes for your community and home. iamgurgaon charges a token amount from the participants of the workshop, which helps to procure materials for use in the workshops, organise workshops, and provide participants with a simple toolkit to help them start their journey towards sustainable living. The idea is to educate people about the importance of sustainability and encourage them to take small steps towards a greener future.
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13 December 2018
Exploring the Biodiversity Park - A Guided Walk for Students from Shizenkan, Japan
A walk through the Biodiversity Park followed an introduction at the amphitheatre, providing students with information about the flora and fauna of the area. The students were educated about the plan for the park, the plantation of native trees, and the successful use of drip irrigation. In the nursery, they learned about the process of seed collection and sapling formation. The walk was a great opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of the park and its importance for preserving biodiversity.
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14 November 2018
Children’s Day at The Aravali Biodiversity Park - A Movement for Clean Air and Forest Protection
iamgurgaon and friends of Aravali Biodiversity Park organised a unique event at the park to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the city’s green spaces. Nearly 5000 students from 31 schools participated along with volunteers from WWF India, SALT event management, Make My Trip, Indigo, and many concerned citizens. The event included a series of contemplative experiences, such as photographs taken at the park and an installation created from handwritten letters addressed to the Chief Ministers of Haryana and Delhi, the Prime Minister and the President of India requesting them to cancel the proposal to build a 6-lane highway through Gurugram’s “green lungs”. The students recited a poem and took an oath for the protection of forests and planted saplings to save this reforested patch of land. They even joined hands in a human chain running the length and breadth of the park for the protection of this reclaimed forest and demanded their right to clean air and to save what they had made “their” forest.
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november 2018
Art in the Forest - An Exploration of the Biodiversity Park through Art Walks
iamgurgaon organised art walks through the Biodiversity Park to give people an opportunity to appreciate and explore the natural beauty of the park in a unique way. The walks were open to people of all ages and brought together a diverse group of individuals. The groups took a stroll through the park, taking in the artistic landscapes of the Aravali. Afterwards, they sat in different parts of the forest to create their own masterpieces inspired by the natural surroundings. The art walks were a unique way to connect people with nature, inspire creativity and build a deeper appreciation for the biodiversity in the park.
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31 October 2018
Residents of Gurgaon Stand Together to Save the City’s Greenery
Nearly 1200 residents of Gurgaon came together at the Aravali Biodiversity Park to raise their voices against the proposed road construction through the forest. Sourojit Ghosal, Vijay Dhasmana, Pradip Kishen, Swanzal Kak Kapoor, and Zain Khan shared their concerns and emphasised the importance of the green cover for the city’s survival. The crowd declared the 380-acre park a “sacred forest” and pledged to stand together against its destruction. Over the last decade, iamgurgaon, with the support of citizens, civil society organisations, and other key stakeholders have reclaimed a mining site and converted it into a city forest, the Aravali Biodiversity Park. This lush green forest provides a much-needed green cover in the otherwise concrete jungle of the city. The park is home to over 400 native plant species, around 182 unique bird species and many species of animals, like nilgai, jackal, civet cat, jungle cat, mongoose, hare, etc. There is also a huge water recharge zone (recharging close to 20 crore litres every year). The proposed road by NHAI and GMDA across the city’s forest will once again destroy this green oasis and threaten the natura’ habitat of the region.
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october 2018
Exploring Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh - Babson College Students Visit
Students at Babson College, Boston USA, visited the Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh as part of their educational trip to India. Two groups of around 16-20 students walked half the length of the Bundh, learning about its historical significance and its relevance in modern times. The visit was organised by iamgurgaon who provided valuable insights and guidance on the importance of bundhs for the city’s ecology and water management. The students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the critical role that bundhs play in preserving the environment and the need for their conservation.
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July-October 2018
Greening the City – iamgurgaon’s Annual Planting Season at the Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh
iamgurgaon led a successful planting initiative at the Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh with the support of various corporate sponsors and community groups. From July to August, a total of 13500 saplings were planted at the Bundh with the help of sponsors such as Seniss, Avis, COLT, DOSCO, KPMG, CRISIL, Sarita Handa, Airbnb, Boston Scientific, GENPACT, IKEA, Indigo, Mercer, My Tree and Leo Burnett. The drive also saw participation from community groups such as the DLF Senior Citizens Council, Nirvana residents, Summit Eco Group, SOCH, and schools including DAV, Pathways, Shiv Nadar, and TSRS. The planting drive was further extended for an Independence Day special event at the Bundh where citizens came to plant and Councillor Ward 34 and Mr Anil Yadav also participated in the event. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about the importance of green spaces in reducing air pollution and promoting a healthy environment. iamgurgaon continues to work towards a greener and more sustainable city.
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July-August 2018
Rejuvenating the Nallah - IndusInd Partners with iamgurgaon and Student Volunteers for Planting Event
A spirited partner of iamgurgaon, IndusInd, sponsored a planting event to rejuvenate the Wazirabad storm water drain. A total of 10000 saplings were planted by IndusInd alone with the help of excited student volunteers from DPS, Nai Disha, Manas, Saksham, Scottish High and Shukriya. The partnership between IndusInd, iamgurgaon and the student volunteers was a great example of community engagement and collaboration to make a positive impact on the environment.
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18-28 February 2018
Understanding the Significance of the Aravali Range - Aravalli Utsav at DLF CyberHub
iamgurgaon, in collaboration with Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, India Photo Archive Foundation and with the support of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, organised a 10-day initiative at DLF CyberHub to raise awareness about the significance of the Aravali range. The event was sponsored by DLF Cybercity, Crocs, Clix Capital, and Zeiss. The initiative included a photography exhibition at CyberHub, showcasing the first-of-its-kind documentation of the Aravalis and guided walks in the Aravali Biodiversity Park. The aim was to educate and spread awareness about the importance of preserving the Aravali range, especially among students, photographers, bird watchers, environmentalists, conservationists, researchers and policymakers. The event saw an attendance of 5000-7000 people per day. The exhibition featured over 130 images, including a collection of works curated by Aditya Arya and photographs by Bharat Goel, Vinod Goel, Sharat Sharma, Vijay Dhasmana, and Anil Advani. Additionally, a year-long documentation of the landscape by eight photographers - Ankur Dutta, Aoun Hasan Naqvi, Bhavesh Bhati, Manu Yadav, Mohit Agrawal, Prakhar Pant, Srishti Bhardwaj, and Sandeep Biswas was also showcased under the aegis of India Photo Archive Foundation.
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January-March 2018
Exploring the Habitat of the Aravali Biodiversity Park
During the initial months of 2018, several guided walks were held at the Aravali Biodiversity Park to allow people to gain insights into the native species planted and how they have helped bring biodiversity to an excessively mined, bare and rocky piece of land in just 8 short years. These walks were also part of the awareness-building programme of Aravalli Utsav held at CyberHub Gurgaon from 18th to 28th February 2018. The walks were organised to educate people about how small actions can make a big impact on the environment.
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October-November 2017
Aravalli Utsav Photography Competition
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July-September 2017
Spreading Green - iamgurgaon’s Bundh Plantation Drive
iamgurgaon organised a planting drive at the Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh to increase the green cover and promote biodiversity in the area. The initiative was sponsored by several committed organisations, including American Express, COLT, Dunnhumby, Fidelity, Innerwheel, Li Fung, Nagarro, Payback, and RBS. In addition, several schools such as Heritage, Manas, Sherwood, Saksham, TSRS Aravali, and Pathways joined the initiative as partners. Together, the organisations and schools planted 6100 saplings at the Bundh. The planting drive was also joined by senior citizens who were keen to contribute to the conservation and rejuvenation of the area.
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August 2017
Corporate Sponsorship for Planting Season at the Nallah - Avis and GENPACT Partner with Happy School Students
In 2017, Avis and GENPACT sponsored the planting season at the nallah and the students of Happy School were enthusiastic participants. Together, they planted 7800 saplings, making a valuable contribution to the reforestation of the area. The partnership between the corporate sponsors and the students provided an opportunity for hands-on learning and community engagement while making a positive impact on the environment.
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July-August 2017
Greening the City - iamgurgaon’s Annual Planting Season
iamgurgaon organised its annual planting season at the Aravali Biodiversity Park. The initiative aimed to increase the green cover in the city and promote biodiversity. A total of 3200 saplings of native species were planted during the event. The initiative was sponsored by corporate organisations such as CRISIL, Crocs, GAP, KPMG, Sentiss and ZS Associates. In addition, students from Neev School participated as enthusiastic volunteers and joined the planting drive. The event was a great success and contributed to the conservation and rejuvenation of the Aravali Biodiversity Park.
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February-April 2017
Efforts to Raise Awareness on Plastic Bag Usage
iamgurgaon continued its efforts to raise awareness on the use of plastic bags by hosting three events at Gurgaon Mom’s annual event, the open day at TSRS Aravali and Pallavan schools. At these events, pledges were signed to refuse single-use plastic. The canvas bags provided by iamgurgaon and cloth bags from other NGOs were a big hit with all the attendees. These events aimed to educate the public on the harms of plastic bags and encouraged them to use sustainable alternatives.
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January 2017
Exploring the Beauty of the Aravali Biodiversity Park - Educational Walk for DPS International Primary School Students
In January, the primary school students of DPS International had an educational walk to the Aravali Biodiversity Park. Anjali from team iamgurgaon and Joginder, the supervisor, lead the walk. The children had a great time exploring the park. They were also given a nature walk on a cold winter morning on 28th January by Vijay, the park curator and expert on Aravali species, who took them through the plains, valleys, and beautiful grasslands. The walk was a great opportunity for the students to learn about the biodiversity and beauty of the park.
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May-July 2016
Bring Your Own Bag Campaign - Hamilton Court and Surrounding Communities Take a Stand Against Plastic Pollution
Residents of several Gurgaon communities including Hamilton Court, Silver Oaks, World Spa, Central Park, and Summit came together to support the “Bring Your Own Bag” campaign. The campaign, which ran from May to July, aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of single-use plastic bags and promote the use of reusable cloth bags. Children from these communities were particularly active in the campaign, leading efforts to make “GAPU” (Gurgaon Anti Plastic and U), encouraging residents to sign a pledge to carry reusable bags and promoting the sale of canvas bags from iamgurgaon and cloth bags from local NGOs.
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25 March-5 April 2016
Say No to Plastic - Bring Your Own Bag Event at Nirvana Courtyard and South City
A BYOB event was held in Nirvana Courtyard and the F and D blocks of South City to raise awareness about the use of cloth bags and discourage the use of single-use plastic bags. The event featured an anti-plastic Nukkad Natak performance by the enthusiastic children from Pure Hearts, and children from Bagiya School joined in creating a buzz. Our young volunteers, like Kaavya, educated people about the dangers of polypropylene bags and the benefits of using cloth bags. People were more receptive when they heard the message from children and young adults, highlighting the role of the youth in promoting environmental awareness.
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9 March-11 April 2016
Bring Your Own Bag Campaign - Spreading Awareness and Reducing Plastic Waste at Galleria Market
The BYOB campaign, which had previously been successful at the Arjun Marg Shopping Complex, moved to the Galleria Market in Gurgaon. On the launch day, volunteers from our co-sponsors CVENT and students from The Shri Ram School went around the market interacting with customers, visitors, and shopkeepers. The students of Ridge Valley School also participated by spreading awareness about the campaign and distributing BYOB stickers to the shopkeepers to display on their doors. Our team members and volunteers were present in the market every day, encouraging visitors to sign a pledge to not use plastic or woven bags and to bring their own bags for shopping in the future. The shopkeepers were also receptive to the cause of reducing plastic waste in the city, and woven bags with the iamgurgaon logo were displayed and distributed for free. During the event, student groups competed to bring in as many pledges as possible. “GAPU” the mascot, banners, and posters encouraging people to bring their own bags were also on display. The visitors also enjoyed a flash mob performance by the sponsor’s team and a Nukkad Natak about the plastic crisis presented by Pure Hearts on the final day of the campaign.
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1 February-7 March 2016
BYOB Campaign - Raising Awareness of Reusable Cloth Bags at Arjun Marg Shopping Complex
A month-long campaign was launched at the Arjun Marg Shopping Complex to raise awareness about the benefits of using reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Volunteers approached shoppers and store owners to educate them about the environmental impact of plastic waste and the benefits of using cloth bags. Reusable cloth bags were also distributed to visitors who were willing to make the switch. Many shoppers and store owners cooperated by returning their plastic bags and pledged to be more mindful of their use in the future. The campaign was also supported by the students of Summerfields School who spent a morning at the market engaging with shoppers and store owners to continue the conversation about reducing single-use plastic. One of the highlights of the campaign was a Nukkad Natak performance by the students, highlighting the plastic crisis in our society. The campaign was sponsored by Sud Chemie, supported by iamgurgaon, SMCA and DLF City RWA, and was inaugurated by Commissioner Satya Prakash. Mr Sudhir Kapoor of DLF RWA and Mr Khanna of SMCA were instrumental in the success of the campaign.
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16 January 2016
Restoring the Chakkarpur Bundh - Gurgaon Forest Department, HUDA and iamgurgaon Collaborate to Develop a 5KM City Forest
The Gurgaon Forest Department, the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), and iamgurgaon collaborated to restore the Chakkarpur Bundh by developing a 5KM city forest along it. This project is part of the department’s plan to renew the city’s groundwater table. The 5KM long and 30M wide Chakkarpur Bundh is a natural groundwater recharge zone near DLF Phase 1, linking two areas of the city - Chakkarpur and Wazirabad. The project was inaugurated on 16th January 2016 by Rao Narbir Singh (Haryana Forest and PWD Minister) with funding from American Express for the first and second phases of the project which would cost 4.3 crore rupees.
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Efforts to Make the Biodiversity Park Self-Sustainable - Corporate and Community Participation in Planting Activity
iamgurgaon continues its efforts to make the Biodiversity Park self-sustainable with participation from citizens of all ages and backgrounds. A total of 10510 saplings of native species such as Adusa, Kaim, Indrajao, Goya Khair, and Ronjh were planted at designated locations. Corporate companies such as GENPACT, Avis, KPMG, Sentiss, COLT, My Tree / Manav Ekta Mission, CRISIL, Agilent, Nagarro, Woodgroup, Dunnhumby and ZS Associates continued to support the planting activity with enthusiastic participation from their volunteers. They enjoyed the tractor ride and the long walk to the plantation site as much as the planting activity itself and were deeply interested in learning more about the process. Individuals of the city also contributed to the effort, with people like Mr Prashant, Meera and Avinash Gupta planting at the park. Additionally, DLF senior citizens once again contributed to greening the city by planting 200 saplings personally on Independence Day.
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Renovation of Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh - Partnership between iamgurgaon, Haryana Forest Department and American Express
iamgurgaon partnered with the Haryana Forest Department and American Express to renovate the Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh. The construction of the first 200M (opposite Paras Hospital) was completed by March 2016 and was ready for planting during monsoon. On 10th August, volunteers from American Express planted on this stretch with great enthusiasm and energy, and the iamgurgaon team and volunteers were also present in full force for this milestone event
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Managing Horticulture Waste - Workshops on Segregation, Collection, Direct Use, Mulching, and Composting
Dry leaves (horticulture waste) are a valuable resource and nutrient that must be returned to our living soil. However, they are often burned, releasing toxins into the air or sent to landfills. To address this issue, iamgurgaon partnered with the Haryana Forest Department and American Express to hold workshops teaching people how to easily manage their horticulture waste through segregation, collection, direct use, mulching, and composting. One of the simple steps citizens can take to tackle the problem of smog in Gurgaon is to prevent the burning of leaves as it releases toxins that are harmful to the lungs. Keshav Jaini of Garden Estate conducted the first two workshops at the Biodiversity Park on 27th November and 9th December. Since then, a number of workshops have been held at different schools during the winter of 2016-2017. Keshav has been instrumental in fitting the waste segregation system in Garden Estate and has been associated with iamgurgaon for a long time. Even DLF contributed by sponsoring 50 bins which residents of DLF 1-5 could get for free. The bins were very basic but they served the purpose. After the initial 50 that were DLF-sponsored, more could be purchased at a nominal cost of Rs 1250/- at the Aravali Biodiversity Park.
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26 April 2015
A Walk in Support of the Mangarbani
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Exploring Nature’s Beauty - A Community Tree Initiative
This initiative was created to bring the beauty and importance of trees to children in local communities. Through hands-on learning and interactive activities, children learned about the diverse textures and patterns of bark, leaves, fruits, and flowers, as well as the ecological significance of native trees. Participating communities in 2015 included Central Park, World Spa, Garden Estate and Sun City, and the initiative was aligned with Earth Day celebrations. The programme was enjoyed by all age groups, with children excitedly choosing a leaf to identify and tag their own tree or shrub. The enthusiasm of the participating adults was just as palpable. The campaign aimed to educate people about the importance of biodiversity and the role of different trees in our environment.
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Corporate and Community Collaboration for Forest Rejuvenation
This year, more than 22000 saplings were planted in the Aravali Biodiversity Park as part of a collaborative effort between corporations and the community. Companies such as GENPACT, KPMG, HDFC Life, CRISIL, Sentiss, COLT, Sud Chemie, Deloitte, Interglobe, Mercer, Boston Scientific, Mosiac, Walmart, Keysight Technologies, Fidelity, Canon, Dunnhumby, BMR Advisors, Shubham Housing Co, Nagarro, Wrigley, Li & Fung, Yatra and joined forces with private and NGO schools. Schools like DPS Sector 28, Happy School, Ridge Valley School, Shiv Nadar Saksham, Nayi Disha, TSRS Aravali, TSRS Moulsari, and other NGO schools sponsored by the corporations, participated in the planting of the trees. Additionally, citizens of Gurgaon also came out to take part in the free planting drive held on 15th August, celebrating Independence Day by contributing to the greening of the city. The Aravali Biodiversity Park project, which has been ongoing for five planting seasons, has already seen the planting of 85000 saplings belonging to 150 different species. The park serves to address various issues faced by the citizens of Gurgaon, including diminishing forest cover, lack of water harvesting and restoration zones, lack of green spaces and recreational areas, and a lack of opportunities to connect with nature in an urban setting.
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15 August 2015
Celebrating Independence Day with Trees - A Community Event at Aravali Biodiversity Park
To celebrate Independence Day, a community event was held at the Aravali Biodiversity Park, which included free planting, tree adoption, and a cultural programme featuring a Nukkad Natak and songs. Citizens of Gurgaon came out in large numbers to participate in the event, with many taking part in the free planting and adopting a tree drive. Corporations such as Boston Scientific and Nagarro also joined in the celebrations. The event was a busy and fun-filled occasion, with T-shirts, button buddies, and bags sold on-site. Many volunteers also came forward to help ensure the smooth running of the planting drive.
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Reviving the Lungs of Gurugram - The Efforts of iamgurgaon at Aravali Biodiversity Park
iamgurgaon aims at reviving the Aravali Biodiversity Park and creating a safe haven for native plants, insects, and birds. Under the guidance of Vijay and Sourojit, the park has undergone several plantations drives and nature walks are organised throughout the year, featuring experts in native plants, bird watching, and photography. The walks, which last for about two hours, were held in May, June, November, and December of 2015.
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April 2014
Discovering the Hidden Gems in Our Neighbourhood - A Tree Identification Initiative
The “Know Your Trees” initiative was launched in Gurgaon schools and residential communities with the goal of introducing children to the diverse and important world of trees. The initiative aimed to teach children the importance of biodiversity and the unique characteristics of native and decorative trees. The campaign was aligned with Earth Day celebrations in the community. Participating schools included The Shri Ram School and Ridge Valley School, where students explored and learned about the trees on their school campuses. Residential communities such as World Spa, Central Park, Garden Estate and Malibu Towne also participated in the initiative, with the iamgurgaon team and volunteers leading walks to showcase the identifying features of the flora and educate community members about the diversity in their own backyard. The idea was to help people understand the ecological significance of native trees and the importance of preserving them.
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Building a Diverse and Sustainable Forest - A Community and Corporate Partnership
This initiative is a collaborative effort between the community, schools, and corporations to introduce native species to the Aravali Biodiversity Park. By 2014, 120 native species have been successfully introduced to the park through the use of in-situ nurseries, such as the Aranya and the Vanaja. These nurseries have grown rare native species from forests in Udaipur, Jodhpur, Dehradun, and Central India, such as Gardenia Latifolia, Woodfordia Fruticosa, Vallaris Solanacea, Mareua Arenaria, Capparis Decidua, and Hymenodictyon Orixense. This year, the planting activity was focused on the Aravali Biodiversity Park, with corporations like HP, Sentiss, KPMG, HDFC Life, Genpact, COWI, Fidelity, Dunnhumby, Nagarro, and DLF Senior Citizen Council sponsoring 13000 saplings. Over 500 children from various schools in Gurgaon, such as DPS Gurgaon, TSRS Aravali, TSRS Moulsari, Manas Nayi Disha, Saksham, and Happy School also took part in the planting. This initiative aimed to build a diverse, sustainable, and resilient forest that could address the environmental challenges faced by Gurgaon.
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Transforming a Mining Site into a Native Forest - iamgurgaon’s Efforts at Aravali Biodiversity Park
iamgurgaon, in partnership with the Municipal Corporation, is transforming a former mining site and dumping ground into a native Aravali Forest. Over the last three years, more than 100 species of native Aravali plants, which were either extinct in the region or severely endangered, have been planted in the park. This year alone, 13000 saplings were planted, sponsored by various companies and organisations, like SABIC, Maruti, Walmart, and KPMG. Additionally, many private and NGO schools participated in the planting of the saplings, including enthusiastic participants from Vishwas School.
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17 November 2013
Bringing Car-Free Sundays to Gurgaon - The Launch of Raahgiri Day by iamgurgaon and Partners
This initiative was led by a team of NGOs, including iamgurgaon, India Cycle Service, EMBARQ India, Pedal Yatri, Heritage School and Duplays, in association with Gurgaon Police and The Times of India. The event, India’s first sustained car-free day, was welcomed by over 20000 people who participated by giving up their motorised vehicles for the designated time period. The event was repeated every Sunday from 6 in the morning to 12 in the afternoon throughout winter.
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15 August 2013
Celebrating Independence Day at the Aravali Biodiversity Park
The event included a flag hoisting ceremony, sports events such as running, cycling, kite flying and yoga, cultural events like storytelling, block printing, dance performances, and even refreshments. The highlight of the celebrations was a major plantation drive where over 1200 saplings of native trees were planted. The event was well attended by over 1600 people, reflecting the involvement of Gurgaon residents in the development of the park.
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22 April 2013
Combating Plastic Pollution - iamgurgaon and GENPACT’s Earth Day Awareness Campaign
iamgurgaon and GENPACT collaborated together to spread awareness about plastic pollution on Earth Day. The organisations performed a Nukkad Natak at the Galleria market and encouraged people to avoid using plastic bags and single-use plastic items. Students from various schools, including The Shri Ram School and Gaurav Niketan, participated in the awareness-building campaign. Activities such as paper bag making, using newspapers to make bags and colouring them to make them more attractive, were organised. The event was a great success, with both children and adults participating and creating a lively buzz in the market.
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April-September 2012
Transforming the Aravali Biodiversity Park - The Million Trees Initiative
The initiative is focused on transforming the Aravali Biodiversity Park in DLF Phase 3 into a conservation sanctuary for birds, animals, and plants. The park, which is still a work in progress, covers 576 acres of pristine space and enjoys a daily footfall of over 200 people who use the park for activities such as walking, cycling, jogging, trekking, bird-watching, gardening, and cultural expression. The initiative has been able to involve over 15000 individuals, school children from 30 schools, the civil society of Gurgaon, and employees from various corporations who have come to the park and planted saplings in large numbers. The goal of the initiative is to plant native species in the park and to create a diverse and sustainable ecosystem. So far, the initiative has successfully introduced 13 species to the park - Sterculia Urens (Kullu), Boswellia Serrata (Salai), Helicterus Isora (Marodfali), lannea Coromandelica (Gurjan), Albizzia Odoratissima (Kala Sirus), Albizzia Amara (Krishna Sirus), Bauhinia Racemosa (Jhinjheri), Mitragyna Parviflora (Kaim), Wrightia Tinctoria (Dudhi), Wrightia Arborea (Dudhi), Acacia Modesta (Phulai) Abrus Precatorius (Ratti) and Caesalpinia Cucullata (Choti Gataran). The initiative aims to continue to introduce more native species to the park in the future to create a diverse and sustainable ecosystem.
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Nurturing Native Species - The Plant Nursery at the Aravali Biodiversity Park
The Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon is home to a unique initiative - a native plant nursery established with the support of KPMG Foundation and Coca Cola in 2012. This nursery serves as the foundation for the “Million Trees Gurgaon” project and is the primary source of native Aravali plants, including trees, shrubs, herbs, and climbers. Obtaining forest species saplings from nurseries across the country is a challenging task. Out of the 200 species that the park aimed to introduce, only a small percentage was available at the country’s forest nurseries. To overcome this, the park embarked on a major effort to collect seeds from the native species found in the forests of Central India, the Aravali range in Rajasthan, and the Shivaliks. The nursery continues to be the main source of native plants for planting, using both seed and cutting propagation methods. Additionally, the park also plans to collect plants from forest floors and raise them in the nursery.
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November 2011
Fashion for a Cause - Fundraiser for Nallah Upgradation
In an effort to raise funds for the improvement of the Genpact-Ardee City Nallah, iamgurgaon partnered with the MCG to host a fashion show. With over 700 attendees, the event was able to generate a total of 20 lakh rupees through individual donations and entry cover charges of 2000 per person. The event took place at Crowne Plaza and featured a diverse group of participants from various backgrounds including administration, defence, MNCs, and NGOs, all walking the runway in clothes designed by fashion designer Satya Paul. Among the attendees were prominent officials such as deputy commissioner RK Kataria, MCG chief RK Khullar, and District Education Officer Jyoti Chaudhry. The event was a success in raising funds for the important cause of upgrading the nallah.
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August-October 2011
Transforming Gurgaon - The Million Trees Initiative
The initiative “Million Trees Gurgaon” launched by iamgurgaon is an ambitious goal of planting one million trees in the city of Gurgaon. This is a public-private initiative supported by the government, other NGOs, corporates, and members of the civil society. The first phase of the plantation began on 4th August 2011 at various locations in Gurgaon. During the first planting season, over 25000 trees were planted. 15000 of them being planted in the Aravali Biodiversity Park. Other areas where planting took place include the GENPACT-Paras Nallah and Vidhya School. The objective of this initiative is to eventually transform the Aravali Biodiversity Park into a conservation sanctuary for birds, animals, and plants. Its goal is to also provide citizens with access to 550 acres of pristine space for leisure activities and create a connection with nature.
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July-August 2011
Promoting Planting - Outreach Campaigns at Gurgaon Malls
In order to raise awareness and encourage community involvement in our efforts to plant more trees at the Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon, iamgurgaon organised a series of promotional campaigns at popular malls such as the MGF Metropolitan and Ambience. The dedicated team of volunteer children engaged with shoppers, educating them about the importance of tree adoption and encouraging them to participate in the programme. The events featured interactive activities such as tattoo making, poster creation, leaf colouring and more. T-shirts were also available for purchase. The campaign was a great success, with many members of the community showing their support for the initiative.
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16 January 2011
Foundation Laid for Amphitheatre at Aravali Biodiversity Park
The foundation stone of the Amphitheatre at the Aravali Biodiversity Park was laid by Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Gurgaon citizens came together to show their support for the park as it entered its second phase of development.
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