Partner With Us

iamgurgaon has spent the last 15 years implementing and sustaining initiatives that have made and continue to make Gurgaon a better environment for the present and future.

In our green journey, we have collaborated with more than 200+ Corporate Partners and even you can be one of them.

What we do

Restoration of dumping grounds into green spaces

Plantation of local native species

Education and reusing/recycling of waste

We are Proud to Have Some of India’s Leading Brands Onboard

How Does Your Support Help Us?

iamgurgaon is dedicated to managing and maintaining projects for a 2-year term following construction completion. This is where we seek your involvement as we intend to keep maintaining these projects even after this time period.

 Without adequate funding, we may be forced to pass projects over to the government agencies It may be the case that the administration lacks the expertise and desire to sustain these initiatives which would result in the destruction of green spaces that are vital to our city of Gurgaon. So, support us to revive Gurgaon’s habitat...