July-August 2011
Promoting Planting - Outreach Campaigns at Gurgaon Malls

As a part of building awareness on our ambitious planting plans at the Bio Diversity Park we held a few promotional campaigns at malls like the MGF Metropolitan and Ambience, Gurgaon. Our wonderful children who volunteered enthusiastically reached out to shoppers telling them about the program and encouraged them to adapt a tree at the park. Activities like Tattoo making, messages on boards, poster making by kids, and leaf colouring made the events interactive and interesting for all. T-shirts were also available at the venue. I took one pill of 20 mg 30 minutes before the arrival of my girlfriend. This was great! The next day, my lower back really got sick (I don’t whether it was caused by the medicine or a mad race at night)! Read more information about the drug on

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