iamgurgaon is a Citizen-led Movement Dedicated to Restoring a Greener Future for Gurgaon.

that has been lost to rampant urbanization by creating environments that heal the ecology of this city.

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Awards & Accolades

Our Accomplishments and More

HUDCO Best Practices Award 2018-19
for Improvement in Living Environment
International Federation of Landscape Architects AAPME Award 2018
for Resilience in Design
World Resources Institute Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, Connect Karo Award 2017
for Rethinking Road Safety in India
Sanctuary Wildlife Service Award 2020
for Restoration of the Aravali Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon
Recipient of Nari Shakti Award by the President of India
Latika Thukral
Co-Founder, iamgurgaon
Best CSR Practices during COVID-19 Prevention
by the District Administration of Gurugram
FICCI CSR Award for Environmental Sustainability
for Badshahpur Forest Corridor
HUDCO Design Awards 2021-22 -Special Mention (Landscape Planning & Design category)
for Badshahpur Forest Corridor
Aravali Biodiversity Park declared as India’s first “other effective area based conservation measures” site
by the International Union For the Conservation of Nature
Kalagram Green Impact Award
for our dedication to greening Gurgaon

Our impactful initiatives

Aravali Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon

Our first project started in 2011, Aravali Biodiversity Park spreads across 380 acres of land that was once a mining menace in Gurgaon. Today, the park has emerged as a paradigm for environmental preservation. It provides a sanctuary to more than 300 species of imperilled plants and 200 breeds of birds and wild animals.

Eco-restoration of Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh

In 2015, we breathed new life into a land that was once a dumping ground, and transformed it into a remarkable 5.2 KM urban mobility forest corridor. This green wonderland not only functions as a self-sufficient ecosystem but also acts as a carbon sink, reducing GHG emissions. This lush public space is not only a haven for those who cherish greenery but it also caters to those who prefer non-motorised transport.

Wazirabad Storm Water Drain Rejuvenation

The storm water drain in the Wazirabad area of Gurgaon was a significant polluter. Its rancid water was contaminated with non-biodegradable waste and sewage was released into it, posing serious ecological and sanitary implications. In liaison with the MCG and various corporates in Gurgaon, we were able to clean all the garbage from the drains and ensure no more dumping.

Badshahpur Forest Corridor

Initially used as a waste dumping ground and an open defecation zone with a number of encroachments, the Badshahpur stretch was transformed into a 5.6 KM green corridor in 2018. It has now become not only a self-sustaining forest habitat that provides a haven for animal and plant life but also enables rainwater percolation, expediting groundwater recharge.

Sikanderpur Pahadi

The Sikanderpur forest land spreads over 90 acres and is home to a large pond that is a septic tank of sewage and waste material. Initiated in 2019, our restoration project involved cleaning 500 tonnes of garbage, revitalising the water body and storm water channels, and building community spaces for leisure.

Eco-restoration of Ghata Jheel and Bundh

The 17-acre Ghata Bundh faced various challenges such as waste dumping, erosion, and contaminated catchment areas. To tackle these issues, we have taken significant steps that aim to manage storm water and revitalise the catchment area. We also aim to establish eco-heritage trails and spread environmental education through signages. Our goal is to restore the ecosystem, preserve natural heritage, and ensure the area’s stability and longevity.

Aravali Nagar Van

One of our work-in-progress projects plays a crucial role in controlling floods in Gurgaon with a groundwater recharge system that has a potential of 14,20,00,000 litres. This new 180 acres of forest land built on a watershed site of a disappeared season stream will manage 100% of the storm water on MG Road and Sunset Boulevard.

Behrampur Bundh

The Behrampur Bundh is an 800-meter-long area in Gurgaon that has been encroached on and is affected by waste dumping and erosion. It also houses a stone masonry culvert. We aim to restore and improve the area to promote natural wilderness and storm water management. The project offers opportunities for urban trails, interactive spaces, passive recreation, social interaction, and environmental education.

Tau Sculpture

The Tau sculpture was placed in 2021 in partnership with the GMDA as part of our endeavour to add aesthetics to one of the most bustling locations in Gurgaon - IFFCO Chowk. It was the thought of promoting sustainability by repurposing waste that gave birth to this initiative.

Covid-19 Support

When the world was struck by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we along with other corporates, assisted in relief efforts by supplying testing kits, PPE kits, face masks, sanitisers, oxygen concentrators etc. to different frontline employees such as sanitation, hospital, and police officials. We also contributed to the funding of Medeor Hospital, making it Gurgaon’s first specialised COVID-19 care facility.

Transformation of the Phase-1 Bridge

The freshly painted foot-over bridge near Qutub Plaza market in Gurugram Phase-1 has been transformed into a scenic area. The artist, Dharya Gambhir opted to depict the birds of the Aravali region that inhabit our city. Our objective was to revive the bridge, which had been neglected and had turned into a dumping ground, and bring some liveliness to it.

Gurgaon Entry Beautification

Gopal Namjoshi’s stunning art installation in Gurgaon features soaring metal panels adorned with bird silhouettes, representing our city’s rising aspirations and connection to nature. The installation was created from over ten tonnes of metal and concrete waste, showcasing the potential for innovative transformation of waste into art and our commitment to ecological challenges.

Bring Your Own Bag Movement

The BYOB movement that started in 2016 urges individuals to take responsibility for their plastic waste by promoting the use of reusable bags and spreading awareness about the harmful effects of single-use plastic. Our goal was to inspire a shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle, where we, as responsible citizens, play an active role in protecting the environment.

Samadhaan Hub

Gurgaon is facing a dangerous waste crisis that threatens public health. To address this issue, a central hub called Samadhaan Hub has been established to promote sustainability by providing educational resources, exhibits on waste reduction, and a solutions wall featuring companies to assist residents. As part of this initiative, waste recycling units have also been set up to mitigate unnecessary dumping and environmental damage caused by the accumulation of waste.

Reclaiming the Streets with Raahgiri Day

Raahgiri was a weekly event that aimed to reclaim the streets of cities as social hubs. It promoted a car-free lifestyle and encouraged people to walk, cycle, or skate. We provided a platform for community leisure activities like street games, street dancing, and fitness classes. It was successful in Gurgaon and was adopted by more than 70 other cities in 18 states within 4.5 years.

Million Trees Gurgaon

The Million Trees Gurgaon is a bold move to plant a staggering one million local species in the region. The project has gained support from diverse stakeholders, and since its inception in 2011, we have successfully planted 2,74,339 trees under different initiatives. Million Trees Gurgaon is a shining light that shows it is still possible to revive and rejuvenate the natural world around us.

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