April 2014
Discovering the Hidden Gems in Our Neighbourhood - A Tree Identification Initiative

We started the ‘Know Your Trees’  initiative in Gurgaon schools and residential communities. “Every tree has a name, every tree has a place and every tree has a story to tell. The Earth Day joins thousands of individuals and groups from across India as we participate in our neighbourhoods to map, photograph and share stories of trees.

This initiative was designed to introduce neighbourhood trees to children and help them understand the importance of biodiversity. A critical aspect was to help children differentiate between native and decorative trees and understand the ecological cheap valium online purpose of native trees. This campaign was aligned with community Earth Day celebrations.

The Shri Ram School, Ridge Valley School joined in the initiative, getting to know the trees in and around their school campus.The World Spa, Central Park, Garden Estate and Malibu Towne were the residential communities where iamgurgaon team and volunteers led a walk highlighting the identifying features of the flora in the complex and making people aware of the diversity which was right there to learn from.