February-April 2019
Modifying Waste into Art - iamgurgaon’s Samaadhaan Hub

Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.” American cartoonist and author James Thurber’s sentiment sums up iamgurgaon‘s intent of helping Corporate Gurgaon understand the issues arising from the enormous amount of waste being generated and dumped thoughtlessly, as well as sharing ways to start solving these issues urgently.

IAG’s Samaadhaan Hub (Sector 43, near Excelsior American School) has been the epicentre of its efforts to focus on waste generation and segregation. IAG invited distinguished artists to create masterpieces out of waste, while it welcomed volunteers from corporate organizations to attend workshops on waste segregation and make eco bricks, as well as have fun while picking waste by plogging.

Boston Scientific played a key role in several activities. It helped in setting up the Hub, enabling the artists to make magic using waste, procuring and segregating the waste material used by the artists, and providing 500 reusable canvas bags to discourage the use of disposable plastic ones. Its employees visited the Hub on 7 March, interacted with the artists and participated in a waste segregation workshop.

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Volunteers from Indigo were among the first to try their hand at plogging, on 26 February. They also attended a waste segregation workshop. Select Canon employees organised a photo workshop to focus on the artists creations at Samaadhaan Hub, on 3 March.

CRISIL volunteers participated thrice in IAG’s various activities, including segregating the waste in order for the artists to give shape to their creations and learning how to make eco-friendly bricks. At the end of March, volunteers from PWC took part in a plogging exercise.

IAG’s efforts are yielding results, as a growing number of companies and individuals are recognising the need to become more responsible towards the environment. But this is just the beginning, and there’s still a long way to go.