12 May 2020 | TNN

Transforming a garbage dumping site into a biodiversity park - Gurugram residents revive a dying Bundh

A citizen-driven initiative for the revitalization of a historical bundh – in a derelict strip of forest land – into a green, barrier-free, eco-mobility corridor for pedestrians and cyclists. Source: Facebook/VSBP

Efforts over the last three years have resulted in the defunct bund being transformed into a linear park with tracks for walking and cycling, which connect the city’s buy valium colombia residential neighborhoods.

By Jovita Aranha

July 11, 2018
The Better India
Decades ago, when Gurugram consisted of villages, it had some bunds which were constructed to control floodwater and help water management. But as it turned into a leading metropolis, and with villages being replaced by urban settlements, these bunds lost their purpose and turned into garbage dumps and hideouts for open defecation.


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