Where Does It Go?

Waste is a looming problem that threatens to poison every aspect of our lives from the air we breathe to the water we drink, and the soil we rely on. We consume without a thought, carelessly discarding our possessions, never pausing to consider the fate of our trash. But where does it all go? The city of Gurgaon alone sends out 220 truckloads of garbage every day, and our landfills are teetering on the brink of collapse.

The “Where Does it Go?” initiative by iamgurgaon in partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and Artpilgrim Live thus aims at raising awareness around the mounting problem of waste and its impact on our lives. The initiative recognised that art could be an effective medium to communicate this message and inspire change. Led by renowned artist Arunkumar HG, a group of twelve local artists embarked on a month-long journey, collecting waste from residential complexes and schools and using it to create a series of immersive installations.


“The plethora of new inventions over the past few decades, combined with unlimited human wants, has resulted in creation of unmanageable waste across the earth. We have been creating permanent junk, such as plastic, on this planet for years; yet, the majority of us are not aware of the problems related to waste management or are not motivated to regulate the amount of waste we generate.” 

- Arunkumar HG

What Makes a Difference

The pieces of art scattered throughout the city not only served as a striking visual reminder of the urgent need for change but also brought the community together in a united effort to address the issue. 

The “Where Does it Go?” initiative was a collaboration between the government, civil society, and corporate entities, with Boston Scientific sponsoring the programme and SAAF, NAMO, and Artpilgrim Live joining forces to make it a success. However, creating awareness and inspiring a desire for change was not enough. To truly make a difference, a space was needed where individuals could access the knowledge and resources necessary to make sustainable choices. Thus, Samadhaan Hub, a one-stop shop for all things sustainability, entered the picture. 

Samadhaan Hub empowers individuals to take action by providing a variety of platforms for learning and engagement.

The information area features exhibits on waste and practical steps that can be taken to reduce it, including a solutions wall highlighting companies that residents can reach out to for assistance. The Upaaygiri space hosts interactive workshops on waste segregation and management, while the recycle corner allows residents to drop off their segregated plastics, paper, and e-waste for recycling. The interactive zone offers a fun and engaging way to learn about sustainability through special events hosted by iamgurgaon and the MCG.


The Where Does It Go Doers and Believers

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