Badshahpur Forrest Corridor

The Badshahpur Forest Corridor was once a desolate wasteland, used as a dumping ground for waste and a place for open defecation, with numerous encroachments. With the support of the Haryana Forest Department and partnering corporates, this stretch has been transformed into a lush green corridor for the residents of Gurgaon. It is a beautiful and safe place to enjoy and also tackles the health hazards posed by the previous state of the corridor. The design of the 5KM stretch is both innovative and resourceful. It is now an ecologically rich community resource that serves the citizens of Gurgaon. The iamgurgaon team also revitalised the Badshahpur water recharge area, creating shallow mounds, bio-swales, and water channels to enable rainwater percolation, resulting in 90% groundwater recharge.

Most of the construction materials used in this project are recycled, such as broken concrete blocks, fence frames, plastic, glass gabions, etc. These recycled materials have been used in seating and play areas in the Badshahpur stretch. The design process was thus a dynamic one, changing based on the availability of waste materials. The project has reused over 250 trucks of construction debris and waste so far, saving around 30% in terms of cost.

Creating a Micro Habitat

The Badshahpur Forest Corridor stands out as a beacon of hope in a city where rapid deforestation and tree felling have stripped away the green cover. This project is rewilding the city and restoring a diverse array of native plants that are best suited to the land. Around 25000 native saplings have been planted to create a self-sustaining forest habitat. By using plants to create an oasis in the midst of the dense urban built-up area of Gurgaon, it has transformed into an indispensable sanctuary for wildlife, including birds and animals. The corridor serves as a natural barrier that not only blocks noise and unwanted views but also functions as a carbon sequestering zone. By providing walking, cycling and jogging trails to

encourage healthier lifestyles among the citizens of Gurgaon, this iamgurgaon initiative is an ideal example of how a community can come together to transform a negative space into a positive one while being mindful of the environment and resources.

Badshahpur Forrest Corridor Doers and Believers

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All donations are utilised for maintenance of the area as mentioned above. I can provide some images of the maintenance work in a separate email.